Siege of Avalon Continued Development

I have graciously been granted permission to continue to develop and distribute patches and enhancements to the Siege of Avalon game software. Therefore, I have created this page to present current and future development ideas as well as to provide a place to download the latest Siege of Avalon software and utilities.

All software provided for download on this page requires that you already have a licensed copy of Siege of Avalon. This software is being provided as-is. Actual game content (.lvl files) cannot be made available at this site.

Any questions, comments, or ideas concerning software on this site, please feel free to contact me at:
PaxIt Utility    7-Apr-2014
Utility for working with PAX files.
Download (328 KB)

Version 1.4    1-Nov-2011
Music restored. Black dialog bug fixed. Windowed mode supported. Extension packs supported. This patch is complete and does not require an earlier patch.
Download (228 MB)

German Language    1-Nov-2011
German language extension pack. Requires version 1.4. A very special thanks to for their contributions and support.
Download (38 MB)

Version 1.3    22-Feb-2010
SoA now supports 1024 x 768 resolution mode. Character creation screen reworked: integrated female character creation, variable hair and skin tone, and new special ability attribute added. This patch is complete and does not require an earlier patch. (Currently, only english is supported.)
Download (242 MB)

Base Changer    31-Jan-2008
Allows you to create your character as female, elf, monkey, skeleton, and more. Requires version 1.2.
Download (17 MB)

Version 1.2    14-Nov-2007
Fixes the infamous pink screen bug, the "D" key invincibility mode, and includes a number of enhancements that were made after the final realease of the game.
Download Patch for International Version (1 MB)
Download Patch for Anthology Version (9 MB)