I am currently engaged in discussions to re-release Siege of Avalon. Stay tuned. Since I was young, I have always wanted to write a computer game. That was back in the early 80's and my TRS-80 with its awesome 128x48 black and white monitor was woefully inadequate to express my gaming ideas. I did try though. In the 90s, computer technology had finally advanced to the point that I could now try to implement some of the ideas I had carried with me for so many years. After several months of work, I had completed the core rendering system of a rather simple but very fast isometric game system. I decided not to wait until I had a fully developed game, but just to go ahead and release the core into the developer's network and see what would happen. As luck would have it, at that precise moment, a small game development company was nearing the end of its planning stage and in the process of scouting for fresh technology - and they just happened to be based in my neighborhood. Yep, they spotted my game system, called me up, and then we set up a meeting. We shared the vision of a chapter based role-playing game and before you know it, there I was employee #0001 with Digital Tome. Over the course of the next three years and many sleepless nights, my simple rendering system was built into "Siege of Avalon". Working at Digital Tome and being part of the Siege of Avalon team was a truly remarkable experience that I will not forget.

Siege of Avalon is now open source. http://soaos.sourceforge.net/
The Siege Engine continued to evolve after the final release of Siege of Avalon. I took everything I learned and built a new engine from the ground up. The result was probably one of the most advanced isometric game systems ever built. It features dynamic lighting, layered animation, a variety of alpha effects, and runs smoothly at 1280x1024 on even a modest 400MHz processor.

This new engine was never released. 3D technology has made isometric game systems obsolete.

That is when I began work on Cygnus.