Blackfly Studios is my personal and professional software project. The purpose of this site is to serve as a repository for articles, concepts, and code that I have accumulated over the course of my career. My hope is that these will be useful, or perhaps even a source of inspiration to other developers.

I specialize in imaging software with a particular interest in code optimization. Topics will focus on graphic formats, conversions, transformations, APIs, and visualizations. I will likely diverge onto some creative tangents as well.

Most of the code presented here is written in Delphi, with a healthy dose of in-line assembly. It is my intent to provide complete, functional code samples where applicable.

I am just getting started on this project, so most of the proposed articles have yet to be written. I intend to update this site on a regular basis, and I am very willing to accept new ideas for topics or adjust the priority of proposed topics. I am also open to corrections or critiques of existing topics.

If you are looking for information regarding Siege of Avalon, I will be providing several articles discussing technical aspects of the core game system in detail. I have no plans to provide additional software updates at this time.

Steven Davis